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NEW TO THE WORLD LINEAR HIFU: Ultraquick Non-surgical Face-Lifting & Body Contouring 

ULTRAcel Q+ is a High Intensity Focus Ultrasound system which offers non-surgical face lifting and body contouring with speed, safety, optimal energy and minimal pain.
It utilizes the acoustic energy by sending focused ultrasound waves into the skin, causing thermal coagulation zone at different depths, all the way to the SMAS layer. New collagen formation will then be enhanced at the targeted zone, hence tightening and firming the skin. Since no damage are done to the skin surface, patients can carry on with their daily routine with immediate effect after the treatment.
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  • Description


    Frequency 2MHz, 4MHz, 7MHz
    Output Power 0.1 ~ 3.0 J
    Dimension 360 x 400 x 980mm
    Weight 23.5kg
    Dot Cartridge

    Face: Q1.5 / Q3.0 / Q4.5 / QS2.0 / 

    Body: Q6.0 / Q 9.0 / Q11.0 / Q13.0

    Spacing: 1 ~ 2mm (0.1mm/step)
    Length: 5 ~ 25mm (5mm/step)
    Linear Cartridge

    Face: Linear 2.0 / Linear 4.5

    Body: Linear 6.0 / Linear 9.0 / Linear 11.0 / Linear 13.0

    Spacing: N/A (CW)

    Length: 25mm

    Dimension 87 x 47 x 100mm
    Weight 180g
    Dimension 253 x 47 x 105mm
    Weight 260g


    • Two Types of HIFU Cartridges

    Using Dot cartridge for a focal area with powerful energy. (local heating) and using Linear cartridge for a wider area with energy to overall face evenly for the best contouring effect (bulk heating).

    • 14 Types of Cartridges for Various Indications

    Various cartridges are available
    for each treatment area.

    • Available for small areas

    QS 2.0mm can also treat
    the narrow area like eye rim with narrow tip.

    • Minimal Pain

    Painless due to optimal amount of energy delivered to exact target area.

    • Optimal Effect with Combined Treatment Using Dot & Linear

    Using two types of ultrasound cartridges, Dot and Linear, Single and combined treatments are available.

Skin Type   Face, Body, Hand, Neck, Leg, Foot
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