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Starwalker® PQX

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Starwalker® PQX

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Starwalker® PQX

StarWalker® PQX is the newest addition to the highest performance StarWalker® laser family. One of the things that makes the innovative StarWalker® PQX laser system stand out from the competition is that it delivers highest Pico power & energy, which, combined with a wide range of sophisticated state-of-the art accessories, offers speed combined with precision in treatments.

The system’s advanced technology is suitable for both first time users and advanced practitioners providing an intuitive user interface, preset treatment parameters, an integrated history of past treatments and a patient database.

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  • Description

    StarWalker® PQX Unique Advantages

    • Highest Energy and Highest Peak Power for fast and efficient treatments.
    • Largest Range of Spot Sizes and Handpieces (both full spot and fractional) for exceptional treatment versatility and range.
    • Unique FracTat® Capability for tattoo removal, scars and rejuvenation.
    • Top quality Beam Profile, ASP Technology, unique On-line Self Calibration (EFC) for reliability and consistency of results.
    • Amazing Ergonomy of the Arm (OptoFlex), conveniently small Size and Weight (55 x 29 x 82 cm; 68 kg), Lowest Power Requirements (110/220 V, 16A) and exceptionally silent operation for operator comfort and ultimate energy efficiency.


    Wavelength 1064 nm; 532 nm
    Max. energy 800 mJ
    Min. pulse duration 300 psec
    Max. peak power 2.7 GW
    Pulse repetition frequency 0.5 to 10 Hz

    *Additional wavelengths comming soon: 585 nm, 650 nm, 785 nm

    FracTAT® Treatment
    When the patented Fotona FracTAT® procedure is performed, micro holes are first drilled into the skin using a fractional ablative laser handpiece. The fractional micro holes act as pressure relief ducts through which gasses can escape without building up excessive pressure.

    Advanced Handpiece Technology for Unrivaled Precision and Reliability

    Designed with the highest quality bio-compatible materials such as medical grade titanium alloy, Fotona's innovative handpiece technology optimizes the delivery of laser pulses to the treatment area.

    StarWalker®’s full-beam and fractional handpiece technology enables physicians to provide advanced solutions for a broad range of treatments. The quality of the optical delivery ensures uniform delivery of energy, making the treatments reliable and minimizing unwanted side-effects.

    Fractional handpieces harness a powerful photomechanical effect into tightly focused arrays with high concentrations of energy, while the surrounding tissue remains unaffected by the laser light. Both non-ablative treatments for rejuvenation and toning as well as unique FracTat® ablative treatments for scars, rejuvenation and more effective tattoo removal, are possible with Fotona’s fractional handpieces.

Skin Type   Face, Body, Hand, Neck, Leg, Foot
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