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Lavieen® BB Laser

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Lavieen® BB Laser

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Lavieen® BB Laser

BB Laser – fast and excellent skin whitening effect

Lavieen® is a type of Thulium Laser (1927nm), well known as BB Laser. It is a non-ablative skin resurfacing and rejuvenation laser that shows significant brightening outcome and delivers remarkable results with minimal downtime. Moreover, Lavieen® offers an excellent way to treat melasma, pigmentation lesions, wrinkes, large pore and more by using adjustable energy intensity and pulse duration simultaneously during the procedure. In order to treat pigmentation on the epidermal basal layer,
this sub-ablative function from Lavieen® system would be the best indication as there are a lot of melanocytes and melanin on the epidermal basal layer.

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  • Description


    Laser Type Thulium
    Wavelength 1927nm
    Diameter 300μ (10, 20, 30mm tips)
    Output Max. 10W(Adjusting by Watt & Pulse duration)
    Scan Size 1 x 1mm ~ 30 x 30mm (1 x 1mm step)
    Scan Distance 0.2~2.0mm (0.1mm step)
    Unit Size 279 x 686 x 849 (W x D x H)mm
    Weight 30kg
    Cooling System Air cooling
    Electrical 220VAC, 50/60Hz, 800VA


    • Highly effective for epidermal melasma and DE (Dermis) junctions pigmentation
    • Smaller spot size provides shorter downtime than others in its category
    • Treats diverse indications using separate settings of “Pulse duration” and “Fluence”
    • Facilitates characteristics of both ablative and non-ablative  
    • Improves skin texture
    • Low maintenance cost as it is non-consumable and uses Thulium fiber with long life time
    • Easy and safe operation with user-friendly interface


    1. Pigmentary treatment

    • Skin tone (Whitening)
    • Epidermal Melasma
    • Freckles
    • Aged spots

    2. Dermal remodeling

    • Skin texture
    • Wrinkles
    • Lifting & Tightening
    • Large pores

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